The Making of a Bat

In typical me fashion I abandoned my pompom monsters…while they were super cute they somehow didn’t seem like enough.  I had been playing with a pattern to make bats since Halloween but couldn’t get the winds right.  I came across a blog who proposed making the wings and ears with felt and suddenly I knew we were making Valentines Bats!20160210_003554 (1) (2)

The pattern is easy, even if you are new to crochet and comes together (body and head) all as one piece.  Then all you need to do is decide the shape of your bat wings and ears and you are good to go.  I sewed my ears and wings on with embroidery thread.  I also made my wings with one piece of felt, sewing it to the bat in the center of his head.  Whatever wing shape you chose to use, just draw in a 1 inch by 1 inch connector piece.

Bat Pattern

I used Red Heart Super Savor Yarn
Do not join at the end of rounds

mc= magic circle
sc= single crochet
inc= increase
dec= decrease
ss= slip stitch

You will work from the bottom of the body up to the top of the head:

  1. mc, 6 sc in circle and pull tight
  2. inc around (12)
  3. sc, inc (18)
  4. rows 4-7, sc around (18)
  5. sc, dec (12)
  6. dec around (6)
  7. inc around (12)
  8. sc, inc (18)
  9. two sc, inc (24)
  10. sc around next 5 rows (24)
  11. two sc, dec (18)
  12. sc, dec (12)
  13. If you are adding safety eyes add them now – remember that you are working on the head now when you consider placements – and stuff firmly
  14. dec around (6)
  15. ss and close off

Now you can sew on your wings and ears and accessorize with feet, teeth or any other details you want.

Enjoy your bats!  We would love to see pictures of what you create.


*you are welcome to use this pattern to create finished products for gift or sale.  Please do not sell the pattern.


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